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Delete service error 6000 or P3 followed E3 Canon PIXMA MP240 Printer

The E3 error in Canon printers or service error 6000 indicates "Paper Jam" normally paper jam are caused when the paper reaches the printing process but this does not finish to leave, or when a printer jam was done and this paper is taken out of improperly and breaks some paper inside the printer, the last type of jam is more complicated since this tends not get out the and the little paper stays inside the printer.
Normally these printers by the way they usually do paper jams that are difficult to remove as at the top where the pages enter also  any insect can come in or any trash and cause a paper jam that eventually generate a problem such as service error 6000 or P3 as shown in the printer.

To solve this problem, try by removing the paper jam Canon PIXMA printers and then clean roller thereof Canon printer. Turn off and unplug the electrical power cord printer, check well that there is no another piece of paper carefully, if any dispose it, then turn the printer back and if this continues flashing consecutively the power button and displays an error press the button Stop / Reset to resume printing.

If there is no paper jam, and the printer continues presenting the paper jam check the paper sensor on top where the pages are put, try moving this to remove any jam that this has.



  1. hi i have a problem with my mx320 canon printer.. it showing a code error 6000.. i've tried may step showing in this blog but it never back to normal.. please help..thanx..

    1. Hi, im happy to help you, and i recomend the next steps, i know you can fix you problem complete:

      Remove paper jam in printer Canon PIXMA MP280

      i know is not the same printer, but you can fix you error with this steps, thanks for visit...

      nice day!