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Download the driver for Epson printers from the Internet

The driver is a program that allows the printer to set the interface to the computer, either because we have lost the installation CD or because we have given a printer and this did not bring the drivers.

Download the drivers from the website of the manufacturer we solve this problem, the process to download a driver is usually simple, the more difficult to start but then we are on track in place to stop it from going forward is all very easy.
It is not recommended to use Internet search engines to get the printer driver, so we can contaminate the computer virus with fake programs that claim to be what we want as our printer driver pair.

Epson page has a very efficient help navigating in it, follow the steps below to download the drivers, but know that you need before starting, operating system know that we are using and what is the model of the printer.

Necessarily the printer must be connected to the computer and the computer must be turned on and fully operational, the printer may not be error and recommends connecting the printer to the main ports on the computer.

First thing we do is go to the link Epson support, in this place we have to select Epson team we have, it is normal that we select printer.

The Epson printers are divided into two product categories, printers and multifunction printers. We can see in the top left of the page the two categories When you click these take off a sub-categories, in the category of printers sub-categories corresponding to inkjet printers, dot matrix and laser will appear.

Instead section of multifunction printers sub-category only multifunctional displays.
In this category of printers we can get some sub-categories which we mentioned earlier, even after sub-categories there are other sub-categories that allow us to identify the drivers for our Epson printer more easily.

For example in the main sub-category of printers we can get the driver for printers Expression Premium, Series Expression, Series WorkForce Pro Series WorkForce, Series Ink Tank, Stylus R Pro, Series SureColor, Stylus C Stylus Color series, photolab in all these series if your printer is normal ink jet, multifunctional not have to look like your model.

You can then choose to display another sub-category either the matrix or laser. In these sub-categories searching the series, you can get the printer model you are looking for.
multifuncional printer
multifuntional printer
We can not forget the category of multifunction printers, which has a number of series, very extensive and widely used printers, among them are Series Expression Premium, Series Expression, Series WorkForce Pro Series WorkForce, Series Ink Tank, Multifunctional.

When we view our printer we click to go to the page containing the download links. We locate in the supporting part of the menu at the top if not made in automatic way we have to click on where to get help downloading printer drivers, manuals and help questions regarding this printer. view image...
menu of download the drivers
menu of download the drivers
Located in this menu what we will do next is to go down and click where it says drivers and software, verify compatibility with your operating system and downloaded the appropriate driver. view image...
software and driver
software and driver
We will see a list of drivers, different compatibilities, we select our preference and make the printer installation, the process is simple.

If so have problem, follow the instructions on how to make a driver installation problem if given the usual way, by the decompression process and update from the device manager.


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