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Download free driver for HP Deskjet D1660

This printer uses HP 60 cartridges, cartridges that do not come any printer, the performance of these cartridges is 190 pages and 220 pages the black tricolor cartridge can refill these cartridges, see our publication as filling ink cartridges hp 60 black and as refill cartridges hp 60 tricolor ink, these cartridges can we do a reset with tape.
Now we will discuss the drivers for this printer as it is of printers that have availability they are compatible with the new Windows 8 operating system, if you have the installation CD for this printer can do an update of the driver compatible with the Windows 7 operating system, also if we need we can make downloading these drivers for the Windows 7 operating system, only these drivers are basic version.

It may be that the printer is updated only when connected to the computer with Windows 7, see the procedure on how to install a printer, and download drivers compatible with Windows XP, the most popular and which drivers can be installed with OS decompression method and update from the device manager.


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