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Download HP Deskjet D2460 printer driver

The HP Deskjet D2460 printer can be considered the golden age of HP, by high performance and good performance, this printer has the HP 21 ink cartridge and 22 which can be seen as filling the HP 21 cartridge and refill the cartridge as HP 22 tricolor.
These cartridges we can get an approximate 190 pages with black ink cartridge and about 220 with the tri-color ink, there is still no controller directly to this printer compatible with Windows 8, but if an update that will support controllers Windows 7 for use in Windows 8.

You can download the drivers directly from the manufacturer if the product reads like direct download drivers from the HP website, where you have downloaded the driver would know how to install a driver that I downloaded from the Internet.

Download the Windows 7 compatible drivers for this printer, in case you have problems installing it is recommended to install the drivers through decompression drivers from the device manager.

Or you can directly download the drivers for Windows XP, only these drivers are not the advanced version can only perform simple operations with this driver.


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