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Error can not communicate with the scanner printer Epson Stylus TX130

The printer Epson Stylus TX130 has the characteristics of being multifunction because they have a scanner and copy.

When the scanner configuration is incorrect or there is a communication error between the computer and the printer, you can make several mistakes.
Then try to make a list of possible errors that can occur and a possible solution relative to the scanner. Presented in our screen error "Unable to communicate with the scanner" just what the system printer can not communicate with the scanner.

The solution to this case is actually verify the printer is connected properly with the computer, we must also verify the port where the printer is connected, is recommended to connect the printer to a main port of CPU, normally leading to a CPU ports are back as these are connected directly from the motherboard.

Check that the printer is connected to a power strip USB connectors, should be well replace this method for a direct connection to primary connectors.

If the printer has errors may communicate with the scanner is not made properly, for example when the ink cartridges are running Epson printers have errors, if the printer can not scan for errors.

One possible solution is to restart the printer, and try to scan the document again, try changing the method of scanning the document, for this type of printer there are two methods of scanning, one is through the buttons on the front panel of the printer and other It is through the printer software.

For the scanner with the buttons on the front panel of the printer simultaneously press the button to take black copies and color copies, let down these buttons for approximately three seconds and start the process scanner to scanner through software have to open the Epson Scan software, usually located in the folder of all programs, or desktop computer.

Another mistake that usually appear in our printer is that "verify that the scanner is turned on" as it says the error we have to verify that your printer is turned on, check the power connection and the power source.


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