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Errors popular printers Konica-Minolta

Konica-Minolta is characterized to create multifunctional printers printer, and its much color laser printers in its much these printers is used by graphic designers.

Here is a list of possible errors that may occur multifunction printers of this type, if these codes do not get a contact technical support solution.
Display MessageMessage MeaningSolution
Close printer coverThe printer cover is open.Close the printer covers.
Paperless - paper refillNo paper.Load paper in the input tray.
Paper jam - Remove paperThe paper has jammed near the inbox.Remove the paper jam.
Paper Jam NB 2 - Remove PaperPaper is jammed in the center of the machine.Open the front panel and remove the paper jam.
Paper jam NB3 - Remove PaperThe paper has jammed near the output tray.Remove the paper jam.
Check the printer: 01 - Device ResetThe fuser temperature is too high.Allow the printer to cool down and try printing again. If it is still overheating, adjust the fuser temperature if possible.
Check the printer: 02 - Device ResetThe fuser temperature is too low.Adjust the temperature of the printer fuser if possible. If not, please contact technical support.
Check the printer: 04 - Device ResetThere is an error with the engine.Please contact technical support.
Check the printer: 05 - Device ResetThe laser is not properly aligned or synchronized.Please contact technical support.
Paper Size - Paper ReplaceThe paper size does not match the configuration.Change the print settings or paper type.
Calefacción - Please WaitThe printer is warming up.Wait for the printer to finish warming.
Insert Toner - Toner LowThe toner cartridge is running low on toner.Remove and shake the cartridge to redistribute the toner or replace laKonica-Minolta toner cartridge if still not working correctly.
22 Lift the main trayThe media tray is overloaded.Remove some of the media in the media tray.
16 Forward Rot BeltThe transfer belt is rotating during print jobs.Make sure the transfer belt moves during printing. If you are locked into place, contact technical support.

Some of these problems are easy to solve for a normal user, if it is a more special case contact the technical service of Konica in your region.


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