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Fill a toner and have prints with stripes

To understand why stripes on the pages where we fill toner cartridges, we have to know which are the parts of a toner, since all parts airtime wear and cause an effect either direct or indirect in printed documents.

A toner as we all know is composed of parts that all have their function when printing, if you are receiving a poor print quality, we have to check what are the parts that are responsible for providing good quality documents.
The elements that are responsible for providing quality print and which, in turn when we shoddy these pages are also responsible cylinder unit, mag roller "magnetic roller" even the same toner powder and some other elements of toner enumerate below.

Before blaming any part of toner must analyze whether and time toner life is over, it is advisable to fill a toner without changing parts some twice, after this amount any toner that we fill present failures print quality. The most common is that we get pale, blurred and striped pages.

The stripes on a toner usually usually occur because of the cylinder unit, is with the passage of time as stated above is worn and loses its quality, it is recommended to change this piece at least after every two completed.
cylinder unit
cylinder unit
With the same toner powder remains in the powder reservoir tank damaged, over time the cylinder unit is badly damaged, these constants stripes and all over the page.

Help to dispel these stripes a bit out the drum unit and clean it with a piece of damp cloth or wet towel but ultimately we have to replace to ensure full operation, easily we can get it at a store that distributes utensils refill cartridges and toner.

We can say that we know where they come from stripes in the toner when we know the time you have the toner, ie the times I've used and how used this after completed last, the streaks caused by cylinder unit are stripes mild and scattered across the page, there is other streaks are caused by the fault of the toner tank damaged.

When the tank is full we damaged toner cleaning, otherwise this whole shed excess powder that is in the chamber, usually a black stripe on one end of the page and it shows as if the dust is launched directly the page.
stripes page
stripes page
Another type of stripes clear type and have no color, no black streaks across the page are the fault of the mag roller "magnetic rolo", these stripes only happen when the toner is very old, and as with the unit we can replace cylinder and obtain an optimal quality.

If we fill the toner and stripes go away you may need to change the blade, this is the wiping cylinder unit when finished copying the pages, it is possible that this takes a break on the flat surface cleaning unit cylinder, if the change try not clean much the surface of the blade to avoid damage to the pressure exerted on the toner to clean.


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