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Fix error "to protect equipment windows closed this program"

The printers to communicate with the computer despite needing a USB cable or a wireless connection need the help of a driver, this is who channels and processes the requests we make to the printer from the computer.

If the printer driver is having problems either because they have deleted a file or other reasons when you send a document to print us the message "to protect the windows closed computer program" if this message is the first occurrence take it easy, try to verify if the printer still has the document has tried to print queue and delete.

It is normal for this to happen occasionally not very common, but if this message appears frequently in the computer has to take quick action to eliminate it. Below we present a method that hopefully can finish this error in what is the printing process.

Whenever we install a driver is suitable for our team to restart the computer, it helps that the files are established and organized. It is possible that the message appears besides the above mentioned "Windows has shut down a process for Win32 services," the quickest and easiest solution is to uninstall and reinstall the drivers.

To do not need the printer is connected to the computer, disconnect the USB cable from the computer, click on start our computer, then we'll all programs and entered the folder HP, go to the folder uninstall program or software, we click and we expect the uninstallation process is complete, this will be done in a popup window. When you complete the uninstallation of the printer restart the computer.

Reinstall the printer driver after a while you may not have the installation CD but from worry, you can download it from the website of the manufacturer. Should have put the installation CD in the drive for CDs and connect the printer, follow the process as installing a printer and click your preferred setting.

If you have done the procedure discussed above and the problem continues to make changes to the settings of the WIA service for this click on Start then Control Panel then click Administrative Tools.

We open the option of managing teams deploy all options to find services, then look imaging of windows, then properties-type start-manual-accept close all windows that we opened and then restart the computer, verify all this good and if otherwise is contacted with HP support service.


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