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How adding a printer in Windows 8

We have previously published on our blog as installing a printer in Windows 8, this book really is another issue, which is like adding a printer to the operating system.

When we talk about adding a printer is not the same as install, add refers to a printer installed on another computer, you can add a printer wirelessly or with a direct connection.
The new interface makes this system any more quick and easy setup, to add a printer we just go to the instrument panel, also often referred to as a control panel.

We seek to reach printing devices, should not get easily we can choose in the top right show the smallest icons, as well as other operating systems in this way are dispersed more options available and find the option to seek more easily.
add printer windows 8
add printer windows 8
As we can see in the picture above, at the top right of the picture is the option of small icons in which we can see more options in the control panel and all the appropriate content to this folder can see that appears to devices and printers, in this we have access to printing devices.
add printer
add printer
In the top left of printing devices, get the Add Printer option in this we click and follow the procedure.

Depending on which way you need to add the printer will select the option that appears below. Upon clicking if you select add printer via a direct connection to the printer a series of printers that are possibly connected to the computer, either via cable or network connection will appear, select the printer you need and we click continue.

When installing the printer you may dialogue requesting confirmation that you want to install driver, Windows 8 has a lot of drivers, is this database that the drivers are installed update appears, select the version that you are using and clic continue.

Should not be updated in this way, say you want to download it directly from the product manufacturer, the system searches the driver on the web and make automatic installation may have to turn any update function.

The automatic installer after completing the recognition of the printer asks if you want to share this printer, you select the option that best suits you. You can even configure the name you want this printer to other computers appears.

After setting the system will ask if you want to make an impression to test product performance, we recommend that you make and check the print quality, page ends and other factors.


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