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How cleaning the head on printer HP Deskjet 1000

Although this printer does not use the best ink cartridges we get the best quality possible, all we have paid a lot to have her thinking it was like the old HP printer.

The HP Deskjet 1000 printers are those that are marketed worldwide as the best inexpensive option for a printer for home use, but over time we realize that we have purchased a printer that is not economical.
These printers can print up to 120 pages with black ink cartridge, and the quality of these cartridges is usually good and laser type, both black tricolor cartridge as we give constant use to prevent such damage.

Whether a damaged ink cartridge is that the pages do not go well, for example we can start getting fuzzy documents and different colors that really want or appearing on the computer screen.

This can happen because we stopped using the cartridge for a few days or they have filled the ink cartridge and do not follow proper procedures.

When filling an ink cartridge HP 122 both black tricolor as something important to know that these cartridges do not support if not only 2ml of ink, and this does not change unless you use an ink cartridge HP 122 XL version.

Below you will see a series of recommendations for head cleaning the HP Deskjet 1000 printer, you need to know for procedures then you need the drivers for the HP Deskjet 1000 printer and installed the printer no errors as jam Paper or no leaf.

Not all papers can give good printing quality is something we have pending, as there are papers with spots which can consider that are caused by the cartridge or printer. Avoid using crumpled printing paper, is best to use paper from the packaging to the printer, not let loose paper for a while and then put the printer, paper that is wet is not the best for printing.

Check the ink levels and if they are low we may obtain a print quality that does not fill our need to see the ink levels from the printer software necessarily have to have the program installed HP Solution Center, processes to identify the ink levels will depend on which operating system we are using, when you really know what your operating system choose one of the following procedures for levels.

In all Windows by clicking start our computer, and then all programs, find a folder that has the name of your printer in this case HP Deskjet 1000. When a popup window opens, at the top you will find a menu where we click the estimated ink level option.


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