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How long can hold up a toner cartridge

The toner cartridges has a great advantage in storage time, compared to ink cartridges ink dries inside the cartridges, as we saw in our publication choose a printer inkjet and laser printer technology.

A toner cartridge can last about 4 years stored with your best protection these toner cartridges have to be in a hermetice packaging.
Usually affecting a toner cartridge is the high temperature or low temperature, to last for a considerable time must be at climate temperature.

What is damaged inside the toner cartridge rubber material that they have, by the time these have the potential loss of density and firmness.

The cylinder when we have long unused toner brand and mark pages with a horizontal line when printing any document.

A toner can work well even after several years of its expiry, it is helpful to shake this before using to disperse the particular dust inside the toner cartridge.


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