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How many pages receive per milliliter of ink

When refilling cartridges save up to 100% of the cost of new cartridges, the cost per page is comparatively from heaven to earth but the quality decreases.

Knowing how many pages we can receive per milliliter of ink (ML) is important to refill a cartridge.
By knowing this information we can assist in the lifetime of a cartridge, and be aware of when this almost empty cartridge, remember that if you let an ink cartridge runs out completely and continuous printing may damage the cartridge.

The calculations give then we will make based on ink cartridges with sponge inside and ink with water-based, do an explanation that can help us to determine the number of pages that can give a cartridge either without sponge inside or ink pigment base.

Normally we see an ink cartridge that pays for 100 pages has within 2ml, something that is not secret is that the ink that bring cartridges manufactured pays more ink than us we put on the cartridges, so you can say that water based ink in a cartridge with sponge inside if ink supply 3ml get about 100 pages.

It is a simple calculation and I'm speaking from experience, consider some factors is important, as the care of the cartridge as always advise our readers that when filling an ink cartridge, put the label that goes on top of the cartridge again thus longer remains within the ink cartridge without drying.

Regarding the pigmented ink can say that this yields a little more, and as we know in most cases only used for black cartridges, or cartridges with separate head, believe it or not you can lose some ink the head cartridge, this tells us that still paying the same amount of pages for pigment based ink.

In the case of color cartridges must consider that if we 3ml each color ink in this yields only a circulation since always give color printing using inks all simultaneously know the colors as printers using are not definitive, or rather the printer is red, this color makes the combination of several colors so when we print in red we are using two or more colors simultaneously.

In conclusion we can tell if we 3ml of ink cartridge we will get 100 pages depending on what the state of the cartridge, something to keep slope is knowing that amount of ink supports each cartridge, and not put more ink than it says the manufacturer may want to put our cartridge to pay a little more but really could be doing damage to the cartridge.

We may obtain this information from the outside of the package or by visiting the website of the manufacturer and seeking information on the cartridge used.


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