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How refill cartridges Canon CL-241 / CL-241XL tricolor

The ink cartridges PG-241 tricolor both the regular version and XL (extra large) version are manufactured to consumers in the United States, these ink cartridges are compatible with manufactured printers equally to this public, as those products made for United States are of better quality than those of Latin America in the case of Canon to put the same quality for its products both North American version and Latin America.
colors position of canon ink
colors position of canon ink
These cartridges are made FINE technology (photolithography nozzle ink jet Full Engineering) translated meaning.

The black cartridge uses pigment-based ink and color cartridge uses water-based inks, the performance of these cartridges is approximately 250 pages 250 pages black and tri-color cartridge.
This cartridge is compatible with a lot of printers, consider if you look for them either Canon simplify life or making a single product quality are many printers that are compatible with this printer.

A list of supported printers, MG3122_WM - MX439_WM - MX512_WM - PIXMA MG2120 - PIXMA MG2120 W / PP-201 - PIXMA MG2220 - PIXMA MG2220 With PP-201 - PIXMA MG3120 - PIXMA MG3120 W / PP-201 - PIXMA MG3220 Wireless - PIXMA MG4120 - PIXMA MG4220 Wireless - PIXMA MX372 - PIXMA MX392 - PIXMA MX432 Wireless - PIXMA MX432 Wireless Refurbished - PIXMA MX452 - PIXMA MX512 W / PP-201 Wireless - PIXMA MX522
canon cartridge 241xl tricolor
canon cartridge 241xl tricolor

How to refill the ink cartridge PG-241

Fill this ink cartridge is almost the same as filling the cartridge Canon PG-211 ink, if the ink cartridge is XL version have to supply a greater amount of ink.

To fill this cartridge have to provide a 5ml of ink in each color, for this we need to make a hole in the top of the right cartridge where a hole appears. Position of colors in three colors shown above.

We also introduce the syringe firmly until this hole allow to enter the syringe. You need below where we are refilling the cartridge put a protection to avoid spilling ink, for it can use a piece of cloth that will not use in the future or just toilet paper or napkin.

Step # 1
Fill each ink syringe with about 5ml of ink of each color, expediently water-based ink, the ink is of better quality when talking tricolor ink cartridge with it can receive more vivid and expressive colors.

Step # 2
We supply this amount of ink slowly after releasing the entire label from the top of the cartridge, store the label in a place where it will not be damaged, the need later to put in the cartridge as it was, with that look after you the ink cartridge is not damaged rapidly.
remove cartridge label to fill
remove cartridge label to fill
Supply ink carefully and slowly, it is not a problem if you leave a quantity of ink by the bottom of the cartridge, however if we see that begins to emerge even some ink by the top of the cartridge we must stop supplying ink to the cartridge.

Step # 3
We tag again just as we have found at the beginning, we check carefully clean the top of the cartridge that has no label ink to adhere properly to the cartridge, putting the label on the cartridge helps preserve the ink inside the cartridge with this protection is less likely to dry the ink inside the cartridge and does not pass over the ink having to go through the head to the page.

Step # 4
We clean the best we can before placing cartridges in the printer, make a head cleaning after we put the cartridge, and begin to print, we can make several sections cleaning if necessary.


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