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How refill toner for Samsung D101

Before filling any laser toner is recommended to know how to call each of these toner, and then give recommendations before completing any toner continue to perfection to prevent damage.
The tutorial to refill the toner Samsung D101 is compatible with the following printer models: ML2160 / ML2165 / ML2165W / ML2167 / ML2168 / ML2168W / SCX3400 / SCX3400F / SCX3405 / SCX3405F / SCX3405W / SCX3405FW.

To fill this toner will need some tools that will list below:

  • 150 grams of powder compatible with Samsung and Lexmark printers.
  • We need a straight blade, of those who leave and enter the sharp part.
  • We will need a screwdriver to straight slots (screwdriver)
  • Phillips screwdriver (screw-shaped cross)
  • Mask to prevent dust access to our body
  • Flat or easy to clean surface
  • Water and soap to wash our hands afterwards
The procedure for filling a toner is almost the same for all toner, need a lot of concentration and determination to avoid leaving any part of misplaced toner.

As you do all procedures should be watching where each piece will have to put these in the same place when finished, if necessary it is advisable to take photos as fence disarming the piece.

Keep toner powder on clothing or skin, this is difficult to remove, if you do not have much experience or see is not going as it should save all the parts and get help from someone with more knowledge over the area.

Step # 1
Place the toner on a flat surface easy to clean, in case you have a flat or easily cleanable use a bit of fabric that will not need in the future, try to make the process slower and clean as possible.

Step # 2
The following is disassemble the toner, for this we need the tools mentioned above the blade straight and flat screwdriver slots, then show a picture cutting a sort of grips that brings the toner samsung.
grips samsung d101
grips samsung d101
Across the toner also has this kind of holds, we must delete them all and delete in the division where the grips were removed in order to uncover the toner, make this process very carefully and determination as it can be killed with edge of this tool. Now use the flat screwdriver slots to split the toner unit in the piece that holds it together.
use the screwdriver
use the screwdriver
Step # 3
We separate the toner into two parts, so we will be able to clean the tank waste toner within the toner. We recommend the process carefully and check where each piece goes to find out where d waste toner tank is see our feature parts of a laser toner cartridge.

After cleaning this part is arming filling the toner cartridge with the corresponding toner powder and put together again. view image...
samsung toner disassembled into two parts
samsung toner disassembled into two parts
Step # 4
Clean the tank toner waste, that we have to looking where is each piece toner, it is recommended to look well what is the position of all parts before proceeding, drive slowly and cautiously to avoid putting a piece in place not indicated when this assembling the toner again.

The deposit of waste toner is just behind the drum unit, behind the harvester blade, it is preferable that the clean up with a vacuum if we have, if otherwise in a bag, and we throw in next, this toner can not be reused, has many waste paper and dust, the printed images will come out with very poor quality. view image...
waste toner tank
waste toner tank
Marked in red the whole area we can see is the waste toner tank, and the yellow dots we see at both ends are an indication of where the screws have to be removed to release the wiper blade behind the cylinder. Clean all you can without taking the sponge is in the area of waste toner tank.

Step # 5
Fill the toner to the amount and type of toner for Samsung. The procedure is to put everything in place and proceed to fill the toner, and then assemble it again. view image...
procedure to fill toner samsung
procedure to fill toner samsung
Finally cleaned well all the remaining toner and cover again this, we assembled completely and put the toner in the printer.

If this says that the toner is empty and do not want to print, we have to change our mindset, changing the chip is simple and can achieve this with the person who sold us the same powder to fill. If you need help just have to create a publication on our forum.


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