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How scan in multifuntional printer HP Officejet 4500

The HP Officejet 4500 multifunction printer is best left today, this is a cartridge that yields to around 210 pages in black and about the same amount of color.
The process for scanning in this printer is simple and we can do so much for the software installed on the computer as manually by pressing the scanner located in the main panel of the printer.

Everything begins putting the page with the original information that will scan on the glass of the printer, this is on top of the printer, we have to open the lid of the scanner and put the document or photo with the information below, we guided by the image indicating which side is that the document will be made.
original document scanner
original document scanner
We scan documents with an A4 size photos among others, we can only scan documents ex officio if your printer belongs to the HP 4500 in the region United States, this brings a document feeder above the scanner is called ADF in this we can not put pictures to scan and we have to constantly clean to prevent dust and pieces of paper build.

In the ADF we have to face up, if the printer has problems with the ink cartridge or has an error by the ADF can not scan.

To scan a document printer must be connected to the computer and both connected to electricity, the drivers installed correctly and the corresponding driver that operates the scanner, otherwise try to make a scan using the printer as image digitizing only.

The procedure of how to scan from the control panel of the printer:

  • Put the original document on the glass of the printer as shown in the image above.
  • In the printer screen right down as indications are functions that can make the printer, we will put it to scan.
  • Press the right arrow to see what we do with the scanned document.
  • Pressed to accept.
The printer has to start scanning and presents on the screen of the computer scanning process, this screen will appear able to select where you want to save the document, type of document that will become what we are scanning among other properties that are very helpful.

The procedure for making a scanner from the computer using the printer program:
  • Let our control panel printer.
  • We search the option of scanning or imaging device.
  • Open the program and click on scan, select which device you want to use for capitalization, printer and device appears, select it and continue the process.
  • We set where you want the image to be saved and we can do other configurations to our preference. For better explanation of how to make a scanner from this and any other publication printer check out how to make a document scanner.


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