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How scan in the printer HP Officejet 5610

Below we present the procedure to scan a document on the HP Officejet 5610 multifunction printer, there are two ways to scan documents with this type of printers, a control panel is located on the front of the printer and the other is by the software install the printer configuration tools for this printer.

Try to make a simplified explanation of each of the procedures is the first to explain through the panel ie those located in the front of the printer buttons, follow the procedure below.
Step No. 1
The first is to load the original paper on the glass of the printer, note that printers have a signal to position the image on the glass, and that this printer can select both scan a color image as scanning an image black and white, before starting to scan the image we can select by pressing the buttons to make copies, if we select the black and white as it will leave our images as if we select the option to color.

Step No. 2
Then press the button "Scan" to start the scan, it is necessary that the printer driver are installed on the computer with all supplements, when you press the button on scanner panel on our computer a message that must appear has started a document scanner.

Step No. 3
In the window that appears in our computer screen we press OK and follow the setup procedure on page.

Step No. 4
Get a preview of the document in the window that opens on our computer screen, usually called HP Scanning software if you use the Windows operating system.

Step No. 5
Save the document where we are is easier to locate by configuring the program to scan we can choose where to save the scanned files. By default the documents are stored in My Documents - pictures.

With this printer you can use any compatible with the HP brand paper for scanning documents, you need to do as a scanner from the printer software visit our publication as scanning a document from the scanner software.


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