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How scan in printer HP Photosmart 5510 series

For this and any equipment manufacturer HP will learn how to scan with the publication as scanning a document, in case not easily, then present a method how to scanner specifically in this equipment with the help of the software or through a buttons on the front panel of the printer.

Both procedures are simple, only needs to read all the information and make procedures as pose.
The most recommended way is to scan through the buttons on the side menu, this is a faster and easier, this does not mean that scanning with the help of software is difficult, but a little more complex, where you can select other options scanned documents.

Before you start scanning verify that the printer is properly connected to the computer and that both the printer and computer are fully operational without any error, call problems with ink cartridge jams errors among others, verify that the printer does not this slow or some queued document.

Only if the printer is connected via USB cable may make a document scan by pressing the scan button in the main panel of the printer, the printer should be connected to the computer via a wireless network is necessary additional configuration consisting of activating the scanner in wireless mode.

Like any other multifunction printer, the process begins by scanning a document on the document glass of the printer, with the information we want to scan down, always make use of the indication that helps us place the product in the place indicated for the product comes complete digitized. view image...
position the original document
position the original document
The screen located at the top right of the front touch display scanning printer, the printer asks us where we want to save the document, if a memory card or computer, whatever our need we select and have our scanned document.

We select the type of document or size you want to save the scanned document by the method of scanning with the help of the software, but as we said before we have a scanner now only need to learn to scan, please read our publication as scanning a document.

It is very complete and explanatory, you will learn how to scan from the printer software both from the manager as images and pictures of the same operating system.


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