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How see the ink levels in HP Officejet 4500

View ink levels is a very important utility printer when you are constantly working, thanks to this tool we can see how much is left for the ink cartridges that we are using.

It should be clear to see the ink levels not work when we filled ink cartridges above, can only see the amount of ink remaining in the original new cartridges because as you know manufactures printers have a counter of pages that is activated or returns to zero when a new cartridge is installed.
You can not trust the ink levels provides us with the computer because these are only estimates of remaining pages based on a calculation is done for the pages that we have printed and the pages than is possible with the cartridge.

In any need to have installed HP HP Solution Center to find the estimated ink levels, this is a software that is installed with the printer drivers, if they can not be downloaded directly from the website of the manufacturer this is compatible with a large number of inkjet printers.

We get the HP Solution Center on our computer and for that we have to follow the procedure below. Normally this program we got by clicking Start, then All Programs will see a folder followed HP HP Solution Center.

The program will open in a new window in the program and we will open setting, then click on toolbox Print this he will have in a new window and click on estimated ink levels. view image...
estimated ink levels
estimated ink levels
When we see that the ink cartridge is staying completely emptied in the graph does not mean that the cartridge actually this void if the ink cartridge is running low, is where we recommend that you have the cartridge replacement on hand.


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