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How to change cartridges in printer Epson Stylus TX220

Replacing a printer cartridge Epson Stylus TX220 takes only a few minutes, we should have the cartridge will use to replace the printer power cord connected to electricity and patience.
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The printer will indicate you when the ink cartridge is changed, the information will be constant ink light flashes ink front of the printer.
Do not leave the ink cartridges in the printer for more than six months after uncover them first, if you need more information care cartridges contact the printer manual.

These printers can not print if a cartridge is empty if installing a cartridge appears levels of contact technical support low ink, it is always recommended to have replacement cartridges.

Normally when an ink cartridge empty printer indicates that the cartridge is empty lighting the corresponding light when we opened the lid scanner and giving cartridge access this cartridge will be on the left side of the printer, right on site for replace.

To put a cartridge to remove a yellow label with both the black cartridge and a color cartridge.

Important note: Do not remove the blue label on the cartridge, this is the one that indicates the number of the cartridge and color, if you remove this tag exists the possibility that the cartridge is damaged and therefore the printhead.

When the ink cartridges are inserted into the printhead push down until you hear a clip that indicates the cartridge is fitted to the head.

Followed lower the lid to ensure cartridges and make several processes in Epson head cleaning. If your printer be when installing new cartridges have problems, please contact Epson technical service.


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