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How to clean the scanner

The scanner has become a very useful tool in offices, these can send scanned documents, signed and even scan and edit any image or text documents.

A scanner like any other office equipment maintenance, maintenance of this equipment is very easy to do, only need about 10 minutes.
cat sleeping on scanner
cat sleeping on scanner by Mary-Lynn
If you are scanning documents and those at the edges appear to us with marl, something like drops of dirty or stripes, the scanner is in need of maintenance, we must make the process at least every two months of use, or when we see that the team is presenting constant stains.

The maintenance of this equipment to remove marks consists of making clean out the top cover of scanner, is the one with the white part that is used to cover the documents, with the passage of time become blotchy we should remove, to that we need to use a cotton or napkin, a little water or alcohol.

We rubbed slowly across the area that is usually white to remove all stains that have the scanner, in case this has more stubborn stains need to use chlorine, with the latter we must be careful that we fall on your face, this helps whiten all the white area of the scanner lid, so remove any stains come out in our scanned images.

If we meet the need of cleaning with bleach white area of scanner do it with gloves to prevent this cause us some skin allergy, flu if we have these days is not good for health.

If you have to repeat the process do this until the lid is completely clean, if necessary remove the lid and do without it attached to the printer so.


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