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How to copy a color multifuntional printer (HP) Hewlett-Packard

Something that always help us is to have the documentation supplied by the manufacturer of a printer, or the printer manual called normal with this we can see that a copy is made on any printer with this function.
How to know to make a color copy in a multifunction printer, truth is not a difficult process, then we will make a brief explanation of how to make a copy in a printer of this type, we need only read a little and have a multifunctional HP color cartridges in good working order.

Most multifunction printers have a series of buttons on the panel, which is normally used to make copies.
black and color copies
black and color copies
As seen in the picture above there are two keys that are indicated with each number (1) and the other with the number (2) corresponds to the first button to make copies in black and the second is for the button to make color copies.

The process to copy is the same as for scanning, only to scan get a file that can be manipulated on the computer, the copy will get a page with the same information that the original page.

You have to place the original with the information down, and guide us marker having at one end copiers.

When we press the copy button verify that the printer has blank pages, we expect the printer starts printing process and when we get our original finished product crystal printer.


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