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How to download the manual for HP printers

The documentation supplied by the manufacturer of a printer is as important as the printer itself, thanks to the manual that our device brings it is how we can make the best use of it, from the beginning to the end of life of the printer.

The assembly of a printer and the treatment we give to it is information we get directly from the best advisor in this case "manufacturer", this will help to keep the printer longer and to know all the functions that this has.
But, what to do if we lost our printer´s manual? It may be the case that in one way or another we no longer have physical manual that come with the printer, either because it has been lost or because someone gave us the printer and did not bring the manual, for any situation there is a solution to this case.

All printer manufacturers including Hewlett-Packard supplied all the information digitally on their website. In this publication you will learn how to download the manual for your HP printer, this may help you to learn more of your printer, and remove any factory error even present information about your warranty.
To download the manual from any printer first we need to know which the model of printer you use is, there is a different manual for each printer and all printers do not have the same specifications, panels and tools.

After locating which is the model of our printer the next step is to go to the HP Support page, on this one a navigation bar where we introduce the model of our printer will appear and we get access to all the information of our printer including "Documentation and manuals".
HP Support navigator bar
HP Support navigator bar
It is where all the printer´s information appears "other items may appear" we will select our preferred one, necessarily from printers area and go to the relevant page where Manuals.

This means that you get the manual for this printer, in the next step we could choose the language and the type of document we can download. see image...
download Manual for HP printers
download Manual for HP printers
When we get to this page a language to display by default is Spanish, if it becomes easier we can select another language, and we will obtain down several options manuals both "User Guide" and the "Reference Guide", both are useful to learn more about our device printer.

The user guide is where we can learn various processes of our printer and how to prints, how to place the pages, place the cartridges among others and reference guide is where more detailed information is listed on the compatibility of operating systems,  cartridges it used and electrical information of the printer that are more advanced tools.


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