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How to increase the durability of inkjet printer

Depends what the use that we give to our printer, depends how long this lasts, normally inkjet printers are created for domestic use or micro-enterprise.

The durability of this printer is small, but if we give the treatment and proper maintenance for the printer, it's able to use a long time.
Implementing simple steps for your printer, we can extend the duration of the computer without being technicians printers.

Most inkjet printers in the print settings bring a process that allows us to perform a head cleaning to improve the print quality, and performance of the cartridges.

For printers canon can be made head cleaning as with HP inkjet printers and Epson printers have head cleaning.

Normally to enter any cleaning head start we have to go on our computer and then printers and fax, printer often see that we need to clean and will maintenance or cleaning. We follow the procedure that appears and put a page to see the quality we have after performing cleaning.

The loose head cleaning cartridge nozzles or the head, it is not recommended to do this process often a lot of ink is spent every moment we do this process is made only when necessary.

One factor that greatly influences printers damage is electricity, it is recommended to buy electricity regulator, and connect the printer of this, we can get at any computer shop, this will help you not get any high voltage to the printer or a serious decline in electricity.

Disconnect the printer when not we use helps a lot, so the printer will not be turned on without, close both the front cover of the printer as the top where the pages to print put, if we do this we take care of that in the printer enter objects that could damage such as printers canon presenting a paper jam.

If the printer is jammed conveyor presenting cartridge carriage, we recommend using the right product for polishing iron carrying the cartridge carriage.

If you want your printer last longer than normal even spend time stipulated by the manufacturer, we recommend plugging the printer when we are not using. Much of the particles in the future will damage the printer will stay on the canvas.

Clean the outside of the printer occasionally, wipe it with a damp cloth avoiding this pass by where the keys of the printer, you may enter some water where are the buttons.


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