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How to install printer driver downloaded from the Internet

In this blog you can get help for downloading drivers for Hewlett-Packard printers, Canon printers and Lexmark but How do I install the drivers you downloaded?.

This is a process that we know and have to learn because it does not always have the availability of an installation CD for installing directly from the installation CD.
Download the driver from the manufacturer's website, when we have it on the computer desktop or folder you want is possible that we need to decompress them.

Can happen if an executable .exe termination began the ejecutacion download driver for installation. A dialogue in installation, where you have to follow the procedures will open, will ask questions such as where to install the driver.

If the printer is connected by USB, select the settings according to your needs and continue the process.

It is recommended to do an advanced installation, so we can choose we want and do not want to install printers in some cases bring tools that are not needed can even eliminate tools used to save on impressions, as if counters pages identifying when empty ink cartridges to block the printer.

If you can opt for simple and easy installation, with this basic driver that will allow us to print and make single printer functions, opt for this type of installation when not have much knowledge of computers.

To prevent damage and errors in the future it is recommended not to turn off the computer and unplug the printer at the time of installation.

In case of problems with this type of installation you can check our publications on how to install a printer or install a driver or drivers if they give problem in the normal way.


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