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How to install a printer

There are several ways to install a printer, it all depends on printer're trying to install, so we will use it after installed and operating system are using.

You should always read the manufacturer's documentation to get some more knowledge regarding the installation process.
Normally install a printer via a direct USB connection from the CPU to the printer, when we make this connection the computer will automatically detect the printer and have three options, install the drivers from the computer, downloading drivers from the official website of the manufacturer or enter the installation CD to update the drivers.

Installing from the computer is to update the drivers from the database of the operating system we are using, usually go to this our home menu and then Printers and Faxes / printer devices in the top right click on add a printer. view image...
add printer
add printer
We follow the screening procedure using a plug and play, choose the printer port, it is recommended to choose the recommended printer port, click next.

Where is directed is the installer wizard, select the make and model of the printer you want to install and continue the process.

If the printer does not appear in the printer list click Windows Update and wait for the upgrade printers should not appear upgrade for your printer do the installation using the installation CD.

The installation via CD is a bit more simple process, usually when we connect a printer to our computer a message that you have installed a new hardware appears to us.
new hardware in the pc
new hardware in the pc
When the dialog appears New Hardware Detected, select the box "Install the software automatically (recommended)", so the system will search for drivers directly from the printer CD.

Direct download the driver from the website of the manufacturer is a more complex process, but not impossible, should view the publications that are in this blog on how to download the driver or drivers from the website of HP, if your printer is Canon can make direct and download Lexmark printers. We completed the process and click on finish...


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