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How to install printers on computers Chromebook

The Chromebook computers are compact and fast laptops that have an operating system, it is created to access the Internet as quickly as possible.
chromebook install printer
chromebook install printer
They are created for an audience that does everything in clouds or online, available in both laptop computers and devices table.
All goes well until we find it necessary to install a printer, as is an operating system that has literally everything on the Internet, it is not possible to make a direct installation of printer using the USB cable.

Conventional equipment is the only way that can work, then we have something we're not used to dealing with, but we should not worry, Google has created a configuration that is compatible with this system to connect a printer and print from our chromebook device.

With the Google Cloud Print service we can send to print any document from your device without the need for cables or USB connection to networks as we did above.

The process for setting is not so easy but it is not something from another world, if you have problems for the process can be in direct contact with the support of Google for this device will receive online support through questions, if not getting an immediate solution contact directly.

Factors that do not support this operating system is that not all the printers can connect to this computer, the connection type is preferred or default printer ready to print in the cloud, only modern printers have this tool.

To connect any other printer that does not have this mechanism should use other conventional computer and do a network installation with it.

The process for setting up a printer to one of these teams is to install the program Google Chrome browser, through a tool option that get in the browser, called Google Cloud Print add the printer, have a large help from the Google support for this service, whether you want to connect a printer ready to print in the cloud as a printer not ready to print from the cloud.


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