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How to print from Google Chrome

When printing a page from Google Chrome is as simple as pressing the keys "Ctrl + P" when we are located on the page we want to print, this action will give us a window where we can configure the document before printing.

Even that we can set pages, copies, design, color, margins, headers and footers and double face pages.
As noted earlier, a window where we can set some options is displayed, for example: Destination and it is with this that we can choose where to store the documents we want to convert into PDF without printing.

"Google Chrome gives us the option to convert a document to PDF without printing, this one we can save and print it later, or convert it to pdf and save as a file."
On pages we select the number of pages we want to print of the same document we can select to print all to print all pages of the document or we can select a range of pages or some pages.

See the example just beneath everything; it is the same setup we used in conventional programs for printing documents. see image...
The next option it is copies we can select or set the number of copies we want to print from the page we have selected.

Whether we can increase the number by pressing the + or lower by pressing the - as we enter the number of copies we want to get.
Design is where we can configure the printer to print the pages horizontally or vertically, it all depends on what our need, the default setting of this is vertical but if our need is horizontal we can select this one.

Colors it is for printer´s configuration in case we need to print pages in color, it is necessary to check what the configuration of the printer is. For this option we can configure documents to print black without colors.

Margins, we can set the printer to allow us to specify how much margin will our pages have, we can select between the default margin, which print a page as we see on our screen or no setup, margins for the information comes attached to the edges of the page, or at least to reduce the amount of margin, or the option that is predetermine that it is where we can have a custom configuration. see image...
custom settings
custom settings
Each time we change a type of margin or a number of mm (millimeters) in custom margins It will appear an updating scream message and then it is when we will receive a display as the printed document will be.

The header and footer is what allows us to remove or put the information of the document as the document name,  in the bottom and the page number that we will print e.g. page 1 of 4 pages.

And to print in the normal way by opening the print dialog where we can select the printer and settings that is not Google Chrome, we have to push our computer keyboard Ctrl + Shift + P option, so you get an emerging window where we print with other configurations that do not correspond to Google Chrome, but to the computer. see image...
operating system printing dialog
operating system printing dialog
If you need help with the configuration shown above, contact us via a comment in this publication.


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