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How to save ink in the printer

The cost of the cartridges every day is increasing, and we must find ways to reduce consumption, we will certainly buy ink cartridges, because we need it and neither will get more economic but if we can use alternatives to save on printer consumables.

An example of this is the continuous ink system. It is one of the most recommended and used these days for ways to reduce costs, but also has its advantages disadvantages, it is for this reason we do not talk only of this alternative.
Even try to raise procedure to save ink in the printer to be made directly with the help of our printer depending on which is our case.

For example, if the printer you have is one of the Epson brand, for this we use compatible cartridges or generic are known, these cartridges save up to 100% of the cost compared to original cartridges and get the same performance, the same so you can choose to install a continuous ink system for Epson printer, these work perfectly and get even more savings.
save on cartridges
save on cartridges
One more way to save it is often used in small businesses is to fill the ink cartridges, but is a bit complex practiced, is an alternative that works great disadvantage of this method is that we have to do it ourselves them or take them to where a person that is responsible which has its cost if we do also have an initial cost which leads us to consider the decision of whether or not refill the ink cartridges.

Some ink cartridges are not filled, and other ink cartridges are complex, so it is recommended is to learn the procedure used to fill the cartridges we have at home or office and do it before it expires, can serve to know tips on caring for ink cartridges.

If we are of those who do not like filling cartridges, compatible cartridges buy much less ink system install our printers, only use genuine original ink cartridges do not even have the chance to get the juice completely to these cartridges.

This is the finest quality these original cartridges, these cartridges receive when we use what the manufacturer to receive, quality, durability and strength.

Why not reduce the quality a little impressions that do not need much quality as are the impressions of documents, reducing the quality increases performance, and how to diminish the quality is by using a fast draft prints.

Configuring your printer for fast draft documents printed on, we are able to make our cartridges yield up to 40% more than normal, and only sacrifice a little quality can check printing a page in Fast Draft and ad serving Normal.

Other steps to take can help us a lot to significantly reduce printing costs, if we do a monthly analysis for a year, to take measures how are you we can give up the vacation you need for a few days, depending on what our flow of pages.


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