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How to scan a document in Windows 8

Scan a document in these days is one of the tools most used to send a scan of a file that have physical.

he fax has been overshadowed, this is due to the ease that gives the scanner and choose the format you want to scan, resolution even edit the document after scanning.
The Windows 8 operating system has been characterized by the user interface and the ease of doing operations how are you, the procedure for scanning a document from the operating system is simple we can do it even without special knowledge of computers.

We need a printer or scanner connected to the computer and installed drivers need to know how to get the Paint program, the same as we used to make drawings and cut images above.

With this program we can obtain a scanned image which may modify or even choose which format will save the image.

The process to get to paint from the desktop computer is as follows:

  • Click on applications.
  • Then with the help of the search box we write in Paint.
  • When you click appears in the program this will open.
  • Click on File down and click on From Scanner or Camera.
  • Select the printer or scanner to scan we do OK the document and click on Scan.

Using Windows can configure the scanned images below a list of the settings you can make to an image.

Picture: color, grayscale, black and black
Text: color, grayscale, black and black

- Custom settings
* Adjust contrast or brightness
* Resolution (75 to 4800 dpi, within the limits of the scanner model)
* Picture type (color, grayscale, black and black)

- Supported file types
.bmp - Bitmap image file
.jpg - JPG image file
.tif - Tagged image file
.png - Portable network graphic file


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