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How to set the printer to print in color

It is possible that we see ourselves in need of printing color documents but our printer does not help us, it means even we send documents with colorful images they are printed in black and white, which is annoying in some cases, then we will present a possible solution to print in color which is contrary to our publication on how to put the printer to print in black and white.

To set your printer to print in color you will need to review various points starting from when the tricolor cartridge has ink until we see ourselves on the need to install printer drivers again.

Check the condition of tricolor cartridge

It may be that the tricolor cartridge is damaged, or that is empty. It is recommended to check if it is damaged in first and then continue with checking the ink level for the ink level can put the ink cartridge on a napkin and gently wipe the head of the ink it would help to see some defect you can have on these injectors.

"Do not touch the cartridge´s connectors" if we see the colors come out perfectly continue with the following steps. see image...
see colors in cartridges
see colors in cartridges

Check printer settings

It is possible that our printer is configured to only print black and white, if so we need to configure it to print in color, for this we need to go to the printer configuration which is the process that indicates below.

For this we need to go to Printers in the Control Panel on our computer we can get by home - printing devices or printers and faxes, depending on which operating system you use.

When we are where we can see all printers we will need to configure the printer, we can identify this one by its name, even the image displayed on the screen of the printer.

We make a right click and we will see properties of that printer, properties menu opens and verify the configuration of the color the name of this may change depending on what the brand or model of the printer is, there is the possibility that an option called print on gray scales is checked in this case unchecked is recommended, keep the settings by clicking accept and try printing again.

If the problem continues what we recommend is to try to print with another program or install and uninstall the driver on the printer again.


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