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How to solve the error 5.155.55 in printers

This error usually occurs because of lack of communication between the scanner and the computer. Appears in marks HP, Canon, Lexmark, Brother and Epson printers.

Then we will supply some procedures that may be the solution to this problem, follow the instructions in case of no solution, write a comment on this same input.
First uninstall and install the printer again, only to have to turn off and unplug the printer to uninstall the drivers with the printer switched off.

Before installing the drivers again restart the computer, install the driver again and restart the computer with the installed drivers.

Connect the printer and try printing again, if not continue this process to work with the other. Try changing the USB cable port because as communication error there is the possibility that this lies in the usb cable if the cable is plugged into a port that is not powerful as side ports or power strip with usb cables.

You need to connect the port as a stronger are those of the back directly to the motherboard of our computer. "does not work for laptop" try changing the usb printer cable.


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