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How to solve the error E-01 in Epson printers

The Epson printers like other printers often have errors lifetime, is normal in any printer errors occur, the Epson printers are no exception these printers are positioned on our list of the top brands of printer as one of the best, leaving say that any event can happen when speaking of printers.
This Epson printer error means that we have problems with the ink cartridges, it is possible that an ink cartridge is clogged or dirty printer connectors have read the ink cartridges, as we know this printer has a head independent ink, you may head this not making direct connect with printer connectors.

There are several ways we can solve this problem, the first is cleaning the cartridge connectors, for it is recommended alcohol swab, let the swab carefully by connectors, so avoid the connectors are damaged.

Check the rollers through which the paper, may have housed some fluff that is blocking the printing process look at the part where walks the paper, there may be some jammed page or not this iron lubricated bearing carriage, likewise can have this error when passing such cases, clean carefully and help from external light for more clarity.


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