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How to solve error "remove and check cartridge"

"Remove and check cartridge" This error is very common in HP printers and more in the type of multifunctional printers, this indicates that there is a problem with the cartridges or ink cartridge does not necessarily have to be the two ink cartridges it may be one, which brings us to another case which is to identify which of the two cartridges is that is presenting the problem.

To identify which printers in these cartridges is that is presenting the problem must remove an ink cartridge and check what happens to the printer, for example remove the black cartridge and hope as react printer if the printer says that the cartridge is missing black ink this means that the tri-color ink is fine, if the printer says that it takes both the tri-color cartridges ink has problems.

If we identify the two cartridges are good or at least recognize the printer, then before continuing with the process check that door giving access to the cartridges is closing properly, this may present problems or sensor is not being pressed by the door to indicate closed.

If the cartridge is not making proper contact with the printer, the possible is that the error appears, for it makes cleaning the connectors both the cartridge and the printer, if it is because ink spills, or dried ink on the connectors, make an alcohol cleaning cleaning Please avoid it gently with a rigid material, use napkins or soft cloth.

Try again put the cartridge in a firm manner, i mean you do not have much strength but if the connectors make contact with the cartridge from the printer, you may need to remove and replace the cartridges several times, is recommended at unless I do it three times, with any cartridge, if this works not continue with the steps below.

Reset the printer can operate, for this we must take the printer to stand for a while, turn the printer is simple using the button to turn off the printer, then unplug the printer power feeder cable, wait about two minutes with the printer off, may be longer, connect the power cord to the printer power and turn on the printer button.

If and this has not worked then have to replace the cartridge, in this case there is a great possibility that the cartridge to work but that this does not work, if you have an old ink cartridge saved or whatever the case is to work, to see if in fact the problem is the cartridge or printer, so you will not have to buy a new ink cartridge.


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