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Ink cartridge Canon PG-210 inside

There are myths as filling the Canon PG-210 cartridge, always forms stipulated to a procedure that is appropriate, can damage the ink cartridges and trying to fill one of the biggest mistakes when filling an ink cartridge Canon PG-210 when the cartridge completely disarmed.
Disarm an ink cartridge is not a good option since the ink cartridges are never as manufactured, these if we disarm when seal are not perfectly and escaping air, this air is important for the cartridge print of appropriately.

Below we present an image like inside these ink cartridges, which shows that it is not necessary to remove the top cover of the cartridge to fill properly.
canon ink cartridge pg-210 inside
canon ink cartridge pg-210 inside
As we can see from the picture, these cartridges have a large sponge, which is completely filled ink cartridge refill the cartridge only causes disarming leave spaces that make penetrate the air inside the cartridge.

It is no secret knowledge that when an ink cartridge ink exposed to air it evaporates, it has alcohol is drying, when we expose outdoor ink dries quickly possible increase immediately, we will never fill one of these cartridge and seal so that air does not enter anything.

The most convenient to refill an ink cartridge canon is to use the small hole in the top of the cartridge and insert the syringe by this even by force, so help unclog the cartridge when the ink comes out of the bottom and will not make a major spill as could be done disarming the cartridge completely. This also helps to increase the lifetime of the cartridge.


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