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Install only drivers and not print supplements

The controller allows us to print and contact the printer from the computer, with the help of this we can not only send to print, but set the machine to make another function, these range from making cleaning cartridges to scan a document and modify only from our computer.
printer drivers install
printer drivers install
When installing a driver from the CD that provides us the manufacturer, we are at the mercy of making the installation of any tool that the manufacturer has put in the installation.
There are tools that adds the manufacturer controllers in its much never need, for it exists personalized settings, and then try to explain that accessories installed in the computer, what we actually are useful and which are not.

We leave to say that if you only need to print a document, it is advisable to download only the basic controller with this can print documents only, if your printer is a multifunctional, can scan and do the basics.

The fact is that when we have a driver from the CD that provides us the manufacturer can choose whether to install the basic or full version drivers drivers.

When we have a driver installation CD it is advisable to select the custom installation type, this usually appears as the second option before continuing the installation select it and choose that complements really want to install driver.

There are many supplements that are not important really only make use of the most complicated printer is recommended when we reach that gives us options to install the printer only select basic drivers, anyway we can see the utilities of all controllers as we go selecting and discarding programs.


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