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Know when you have spent ink cartridges

Something to keep in mind when we fill cartridges is not spent inside the printer, even if the ink cartridges we bought new letting them spend altogether can be a serious problem for the printer when a cartridge is spent within the printer receives a warmth that can not be reduced because the cartridge is out of ink, this can lead to damage the connectors on the printer.
ink levels cartridges
ink levels cartridges

As we identify a cartridge is about to spend

There are several ways to tell when the ink cartridge is about to be spent, for example if we have new cartridges, never rellenanos above, the printer with software that detects the amount of pages for rendering cartridge give us a estimated when this is about to run out.

We only have this estimate when using cartridges genuine new ink, when these are spent to fill the cartridge things change, we will not have estimates on printer cartridge possibly say that is empty all the time, we can identify when the cartridge is almost empty when we begin to see streaks on printed pages.

The truth is that no good ever hope to leave those stripes to refill the cartridge, we must establish a statistic that much ink is left on our refilled cartridge ourselves, there is no program to do that role now but if we can do an analysis identifying how many pages printed our after refilled cartridge, this is known after having the knowledge of how many pages can be printed with ink that have supplied the cartridge.

When we know that number of pages you can print, because we know a calculation, they really know how many pages are printed, what to do if a program.

We combine these two factors and each time we make a cartridge refill, we should not expect that these are completely drained, and have discussed the negative that this can be to the printer and the cartridge.


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