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Manually reset printer Canon BJC-3000 Series

This is a multifunctional of the oldest and revolutionary Canon, in his time were the first printers use ink cartridges independent, is also the first printers to use a separate head shot.
These just as much of printers Canon printer when you have a lot of pages to carry crashes or customer support and perform replacement pads, the manufacturer assumes that these are filled in full.

To do this then we put a manual way to perform reset, follow the steps as they arise and get an instant solution, then it can get a lot of pages again.
bjc-3000 series
bjc-3000 series
Procedure for resetting below if you have any questions please contact us, we will gladly help you.

To start we need to have the printer off, hold down the button for short, and press this button pressed the power button, the light will remain stable without blinking green.

Without releasing the Power button release the summary row now and again press the button quick summary. Then finally release the power button.

Each time two consecutive times you press abstract light has to be orange and then change to green. The printer must begin a process, as if about to print something, this is normal is doing this is reset.

Press three times the resume button to reset the counter of pages, press 6 times to reset the pads, it all depends on what your error. Power cycle the printer after this process the printer has to be restored, and possibly solved the problem.


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