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Printer with continuous ink system says "cartridge is empty"

If you have a printer with continuous ink system and a soon to another is told that an ink cartridge is empty we should not worry.

It is normal that happens, then we will explain why and how to fix if the printer stops printing after the message appears.
printer saying empty cartridges
printer saying empty cartridges Doug Waldron
The message that appears empty cartridge in continuous ink system the first thing to know is why even taking the printer ink tanks full, because we can see, the message that an ink cartridge is empty appears to us.

The reason is counter pages with the printer, ie each new ink cartridge comes to print a number of specified product, we talked for example about 200 pages, the printer to detect that it has already printed the number of pages what it does is say that we should change the cartridge.

For the printer no matter how many pages that this has, all that matters is the number of pages that printed with that cartridge, thanks to the connectors can identify a cartridge from another, and a similar message appears on screen for the printer if applicable, or the computer screen.

How to put ink printing system after empty cartridge message

When the ink cartridge is empty said, the chances that stop printing are very high, if the printer stops printing for this print again we must make the process of resetting printer, printer all depends who are using all resets are different, and a printer reset after the message appears empty cartridge several times may need a restoration of pages or reset printer as it is known.

This process tries to tell the printer that it has not printed the number of pages that appear in memory, the restoration of pages can be made from manual or using software, commonly known as ajusted or ServiceTool. You can get a great part of them looking at this blog.


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