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Printers with multiple ink cartridges systems

Printing ink cartridges can be more complex than it seems in laser printers can find up to four colors and a minimum of one as is the case of monochrome printers.

In inkjet printers we can get eight or more in one printer cartridges depending on which operation of the printer.
This is because the inkjet printers are used to print photos and manufacturers have had to add more colors to diversify the range of colors and range for best results.

In recent years the inkjet printers that previously had two cartridges have gone up to eight cartridges, apparently the most number of colors provides better print quality.
eight cartridges for inkjet printers
eight cartridges for inkjet printers

Systems of two cartridges

This is the system that has been used in most inkjet printers and is the one most used today has two ink cartridges, one black and one tri-color ink cartridge thus four colors are combined.

With this two cartridges there a way to get good picture quality as replacing the tri-color cartridge you can use a special ink cartridge for photos that have normally clear colors magenta, cyan and light gray.

These ink cartridges are integrated head, a head integrated ink is a system in which the ink cartridge processes the combination of colors without using a head external or independent ink, is a negative factor as when a color cartridge is damaged we need to change the cartridge completely.
system of two cartridges
system of two cartridges

System four ink cartridges

This cartridge system used since the system separate cartridge head in functionality does not replace the two old ink cartridges, as these four cartridges have the same colors as the two cartridges only that separated was introduced.

These ink cartridges have the particular advantage that if a color is empty can do to replace this single cartridge, and the disadvantage that the ink head is independent and does not have access to it, if they cover the head would not otherwise have to vote the printer or juggle to try to uncover the case head that almost never works. Manufacturers give more use to this system cartridges are Epson, Brother, HP.
four individual ink cartridges
four individual ink cartridges

Six ink cartridges

Printers that use six ink cartridges are usually special for printing photos is not without the black, yellow, magenta and cyan standard colors of light magenta and cyan colors are added clear to better quality of printed photos.

The latest colors help tone the colors and quality of the photos, most manufacturers use this type of cartridges are Epson, HP and Canon printers. These cartridges are used in printers with individual ink cartridges without sponges inside.
six cartridges photo ink
six cartridges photo ink

Eight ink cartridges

These cartridges are limited to a more demanding and need of quality public usually are graphic designers and professional photographers with a huge need for good quality.

These printers are extremely expensive and therefore maintaining them is expensive, despite the conventional four colors has four colors more to improve quality photo cyan, photo magenta, red and green.

The last two cartridges not long ago being used with these perfect quality is obtained only thing is that for domestic use is not possible replacement for the high economic cost.

The printer ink cartridges are known for good quality that give color prints with all this variety can be found in printers with ink cartridges everything we look for in quality images, the performance depends on the printer and the need having the user.


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  1. I agreed with you by refilling ink cartridges as we can save some extra dollars compared to buying a new one. However refilling ink should be properly done because if not it will only worsen the situation and you have properly know the appropriate one. Recently printer run out the ink I have refilled my cartridge from IJSS.