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Process to reset Canon PIXMA MP150 printer / PIXMA MP160

Here is the procedure to reset these Canon printers, entering the service mode of these printers can reset various functions of it that can cause a headache.

To enter service mode of this printer we must take the following steps:

The printer must be turned off but connected to the computer and to the electrical connector the next step is pressing the stop/reset printer and then the power button.
When the power light turns green let go and press the button stop / reset twice and hold the power button.

  • Release both buttons as both the power button stop / reset now our printer is in service mode, we now expect this mode menu is updated.
  • We have to select the option from 0 to 4 depending on what our needs.
  • When the light turned green this number of times pressed the stop / reset as needed depending on what our needs.
1. Orange = Service pattern print
2. Green = EEPROM print
3. Orange = EEPROM reset
4. Green = Waste ink counter reset

After pressing stop / reset so many times we turn off the printer by pressing twice on the lights indicating the ink will stay blinking, from worry this is not a problem.

If you want these stop flashing have to press 4 times the button stop / reset.


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