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Reason because the ink in the cartridges is over quickly

There are many factors that influence this data, it all depends primarily on whether our cartridge is refilled or is a new original ink cartridge.

When we say that the ink cartridge is spent we have to consider in reality the cartridge has been spent, there is the possibility that the ink cartridge is tucked up.
Knowing how many pages pays both new ink cartridge after filling as much help to identify that number of pages printed a cartridge when we bought new factory original just have to see the manufacturer's documentation regarding this cartridge may also know visiting the site as knowing how many pages you print my ink cartridge.

When the ink cartridge is filled and fill us a way to identify how many pages printed is reduced from the bulk of the cartridge when this original about 20%, also depends on how many times this cartridge has been refilled.

The more we fill an ink cartridge the number of pages is significantly reduced, although there are some cartridges that yield very few pages this is the case of the ink cartridge HP 122, these cartridges have a very small sponge which when we fill the cartridge ink overflows and is not left in the sponge.

This type of cartridges reduce the number of pages in 50% for the first filling, it is considered that when we fill an ink cartridge for each 6ml of ink that we provide will get about 100 pages, take into account that not all inks are equal .

Tricolor ink cartridges the number of pages that print is not per color, these cartridges print the same number of pages for the unity of all colors.

The printer settings have to verify the estimates of pages in an ink cartridge is made based on normal pages ie "A4" size, normal quality in letters at a distance of 1.5.

If we have a different standard manufacturer estimates the results of the number of pages in the ink cartridges varies significantly settings.

For example a printer with an optimal configuration or high quality is a printer that reduces cartridge yield by 30%, the type of document you print must be texts because if you use the printer to print images will not be the same amount of pages in this case it can reduce the amount approximately 40%.

It is advised to verify the configuration and analyze what our consumption to be more specific data on the number of pages that we print our printer advise installing a counter pages. If you need not make prints in optimal quality, you can set the printer to fast draft thus save 40% on printers pages, page quality is lower.


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