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Refill ink cartridges can damage my printer?

The truth is that the refill an ink cartridge for anything affecting the operation of the printer, at least what the printer as a team, both the cartridge and the printer are the most important parts of the printing process, these are dependent of each other, of course now we know that everything has an exception, as it is in the case of individual ink cartridges Epson or cartridges Brother, if you can do damage to the printer, but only to a part called the head.
When a cartridge with ink that is not relevant filled this if it could harm the printer but simply by filling in a printer this will not have any damage to the physical parts if the cartridge with the correct ink is filled not we can worry.

Normally HP printer cartridges have integrated ink cartridge head, is what is known as injectors where we see coming out of ink.

If we fill an ink cartridge and see that the pages are going wrong or not as we have every right to vote the ink cartridge as this cartridge we've used, you should know from the beginning that we have paid for an ink cartridge for a quantity of product, when this number of pages to be printed, fill the cartridge if this function all well but it does not work because we do not have to feel cheated or scammed.

Actually the electrical parts of printers are far removed from the printing process, if that's what worries some people before refilling an ink cartridge, from concerns really have nothing close the cartridge and manufactures electrical area spilling ink cartridges, for that this cleaning cartridge and sponge thereof, the manufacturer knows what it does, and why not allow a printer to burn their own cartridges.

Leaving said it does not matter to fill the ink cartridges or even install an ink system which spills over into the printer, this will not hurt a printer circuit only have to worry about putting the right ink cartridges to fill to avoid plugging heads or damage the cartridge which is something independent of the printer.


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