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Remove carriage jam Multifunctional Printers HP Photosmart 2575

When a paper jam in the HP multifunction printers can usually submit presented on our screen error indicating carriage jam.

The printer carriage is where the cartridges are transported, you may be stuck on the left side of the printer.
If when a paper jams may leave a bit of it inside the printer, this obstructs the passage of the carriage and the error occurs.

You may hear a noise of paper inside the printer stops printing this, a brief solution is to turn off the printer and check inside it.

We turn off the printer power button and disconnect the printer cable feeder electricity, reviewed in the printer if necessary using light as a flashlight or very clearly, if we see a piece of paper in the front or rest area where we removed the cartridges.

We connect the printer and turn it on again dispatched to print and if the problem persists then try step.

We follow normal to remove a paper jam procedure if we have the manufacturer's documentation is much better, opened the back door of the printer "door to clear paper jams" look at the following image and click the procedure as poses.
door jam
door jam
Never attempt to remove a paper jam from the back or front of the printer, i recommend doing since this door, if you do the front can damage the printer, avoid tearing paper into the printer. After removing the paper look carefully leaving no piece of paper inside.

To put slowly do it, push until it snaps in the control panel of the printer press OK to resume printing. If the problem persists check if you can actually move the carriage of the free printer, try to open the door leading to the cartridges and check if the car carrier cartridge is placed in a position to change cartridges.

If there is any impediment, delete it if necessary thoroughly check. If the problem can develop a question on our forum.


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