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Remove error 1401 in Canon MP230 printer

This error in the Canon MP230 printers usually occurs when you have problems with the ink cartridges, either because they are not well connected to the printer or because the connectors are dirty and not making proper contact.

We constantly blinking in the printer of the alert light and light will stay without blinking. view image...
canon printer error ligth
canon printer error ligth
Before any process is recommended primarily to clean the ink cartridges when we talk about clean we mean clean both cartridge connectors as the connectors on the printer.
Our publication is recommended as cleaning the ink cartridges.

Another possible solution is to change the ink cartridges, or at least attempt to try another cartridge if a cartridge that we have not used, we can put it on and see if the error persists, continue if we then see if the printer is getting the amount of electricity needed or have problems with the feed source of electricity.

It is possible that the ink cartridge is empty and this is generating an error that the printer does not recognize it because it was too hot for it is recommended to fill the ink cartridge, visit our publication as filling the ink cartridge canon 210 and can be seen as filling the ink cartridge canon 211.


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