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Remove error 2100012c to reset Epson Printer

With the passing of time we feel the need to reset these printers, the reset is to tell the printer that actually has not printed the number of pages that printed and the printer at this time no maintenance.

It is usually necessary to perform a printer reset when this has come to print approximately 15,000 pages, at least when they are of the Epson brand.
Something to say to all our readers and we put clear is just connecting the printer will reset when you begin the process, if we connect any other printer resetting may change the program reaches the printer, it's truth is not good because imagine an Epson L200 printer with Epson software from a TX-115, is for this case and because it can present the Error 2100012c.

The error 2100012c epson printers when reset them occurs for two reasons, when you are using a "program ajustment" which is not appropriate for the printer you have or when another connected printer.

Rarely this error occurs because the printer is not connected directly to the printer or because we have not shown that the printer port is connected.

The recommendation to solve this error and continue with our normal reset is to verify if the program you are trying to reset the printer is the corresponding normally reset when a printer at the top of the window for models is support program reset, check here.

Check for other printer connected while attempting the reset, you know this can damage the printer software, and finally know what port the printer is connected.

These problems depending on what your case is likely to cause serious problems for our team, may even be the case damaging the printer, then the whole procedure to the letter.


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