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Remove the error 6A81 on Canon printer

This error usually occurs on printers Canon PIXMA IP4800, PIXMA MG5140, MG5150, MX882 including other printers, is an error that causes because of the purge unit printers, is where lie the cartridge to clean the heads.

There is the possibility that this jam or not to move electric printer problems.
We present possible solutions that can eliminate this printer error, please be careful and unplug the machine before attempting the steps necessary to enter hands inside the printer, but the printer electrical voltage is not very high but caution is a must.

First thing we do is carefully verify purge unit, as we said before this is found in where lie the ink cartridges, it is also where absorbers ink make their function of cleaning cartridges and inking them.

There is a possibility that the purge this stuck, or that one of the ink absorbers is out of position so we recommend doing a thorough display if necessary with the help of a flashlight to really identify what the problem is.

It can greatly help mobilize or attempt to mobilize purge unit to remove any jam. Move the cartridge carriage is possible that this has an obstruction to purge so it is recommended to move reciprocating carriage cartridges and check for any object or piece of paper, if so delete it, confirm that no remaining piece into the printer.

If there is wrinkled area paper purge unit may need to delete this paper, we emphasize the use of the flashlight to check carefully what we can not see without light again.
canon printer purge
canon printer purge
With the help of a long screwdriver to push to the front and rear venting of the printer, you may need this movement in this case this stuck.

Clean the rollers that make the pages and take the place through which the cartridge carriage when does this look if you have some wear, should be like you may have an object inside the printer.

To remove an object from the printer need the help of another person if needed but have to flip the part where they enter the pages ie tray come down and shake with this is to eliminate any piece of paper or object as pencil even insects. If you need more help see how to contact us...


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