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Remove the error "inactive device" Epson Stylus TX135

The Epson printers are much performance and endurance, as well as any other printer is possible that this present mistakes, we will present how to eliminate the error as when the printer is placed on inactive status, follow the steps below in Failure to achieve contact us solution.

First of all it is important to know whether the printer has problems with the hardware, ie if there is something wrong in the physical part this may include ink cartridge empty jam frequent paper, cartridges improperly installed ink, if so, the printer may turn front flashers.
If you have problems with the printer software is possible that this error is also present, it is recommended to download the driver again, if the printer has some other error error number appearing this search the internet for help.

Check the tail of printing, the printer may have a document in queue and this does not allow the printing process is done normally, if it identifies that a number of documents that this generating conflicts we recommend removing documents queued to resume printing, if you have not queued documents follow the steps below.

One possibility printer is disconnected, either from the printer and the computer, check the USB cable, it is possible that this is damaged, yourself be the judge of the use which has given the usb cable. Try testing the printer with another cable, or try another printer cable to rule out this option.

If the printer is paused you may not print normally Printers and faxes or printing devices can find and put the click above and see if this is paused. In case you slowly follow the procedure below to remove the printer pause.

  • Click the right mouse button on the printer icon, and then open.
  • At the top click printer.
  • In the option to locate the print queue corresponding to pause printing or use printer offline menu, check if any of etas options is activated, should be turned to off.
Restart the computer this will allow the process of removing the print queue to be more effective, do it as often as necessary, both with USB cable connected and unconnected, until it disappears completely any document in the print queue.

Uninstall and reinstall the printer drivers again is possible that the controller has problems, this can help, so resumed the printer settings again if problems then contact the support service for HP.


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