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Remove ink absorber full error Canon PIXMA iP1700E printer

These errors in Canon printers, full ink absorber are very common, because with a usage time these printer we are in the need for repair service or technical support, the manufacturer of these products think that after a considerable amount of pages the replacement of some parts and a reset or restoration is needed and begin again the account pages.
The ink absorber is located on the left side of the printer, right where lie the ink cartridges that accumulates all the ink cartridges vote when automatically make cleaning head piece.

This means that when we printed our printer an amount to fill the ink absorber our printer this error we will have to maintain the equipment appears.
Ink absorber full
Ink absorber full
The fact that this error in the printer does not mean we have to change the absorbers, may appear by the fact that we filled cartridges many times, or because they actually have printed the amount for which it appears, speak of a approximately 15,000 pages when the error is, but we reviewed the printer and that the ink absorbers are in a position to continue to use, may not be the best absorbers but resist a considerate amount of pages.

For this there is a way how to reset absorbers and continue printing the ordinary, just have to download the program iP1700_iP1300_ServiceTool CANON download the file and put it in a place where I can unpack and have all files. Follow the steps below before running the program reset.

  1. Turn off the printer power button
  2. Disconnect the power cord printer power
  3. Pressed the button on the printer and let down
  4. Connect the power cord electricity while we pressed the power button
  5. When the printer LED will turn green, do not release the button.
  6. Press the summary button two times.
  7. When you first press the button will turn yellow summary in the second LED will turn green again.
  8. So we release the power button and the button summary
  9. Now the printer is in service mode
  10. Finally we connect the printer to the same USB port where it was attached and run the program.
Inside the folder get many files, click run only make one that stands out in the other, it is a blue file, in letters FMC making a triangle. see image below...
identify file to reset canon Pixma iP1300
identify file to reset canon Pixma iP1300
Then appears a picture that tells us in what order should you select the options available for resetting the printer, follow the process as shown below in case of problems just type a comment, gladly help , check the list of printers which supports and check that it is compatible with the printer you use.
reset procedure
reset procedure


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