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Reset for printer Samsung ML-1865

The reset for Samsung printers are installed differently from those of other machines such as Canon and Epson.

These printers usually have a chip on the toner, which we can make things a little difficult, Samsung toner refilling not change the chip is sure that the printer will not print.
When we put the toner back to the printer is recognize the chip, analyze the pages that have already been printed with toner and not allow us to continue to print more documents, how to delete the message and resume our impression is downloading the reset for Samsung ML-1865 v. 19 this program will download and preferably locate the unzipped our desktop computer.

To unzip this and any other documents recommend using winrar, store it in a folder and continue reading the information from the post.

This program will put our printer to say all the time that the printer toner is filled to 100%, we must be careful and know that the printer does not submit again when the toner is running low, you may even damage the toner if print until the toner and ink has nothing definitely filled with toner can print approximately 2,000 pages is useful to know when you are about to run out, if we can install a timer page is better.

Since the program downloaded and unzipped do the following:

  • We connect and turn on the printer.
  • We took the printer toner Drag the file on the file 606567_19.hd usbprns2.exe latter began to run. It is recommended that no other printer is connected to your computer at that time.
  • We hope that the printer is reset and ready, the computer must be reset.
If it does not work with the procedure explained above, follow the process below Let's get the printer toner, toner isolate connectors, put the toner again and with insulated connectors and execute the program as explained in the previous process. unplug anything that has USB connection, "Exempt keyboard and mouse".


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