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Reset the ink levels on Canon PIXMA MX360

There are two ways to reset the ink levels in the Canon PIXMA MX360 printers, one is asking the printer software that does not show the ink levels, and the other one is by submitting the printer to a system restore through an elaborate procedure with buttons on the main panel.

Actually i problem is not that the printer has low ink levels, as we know in most cases and more in the case of Canon printers, after refilling the cartridges they present low ink levels  , they can even say that they do not have ink into the cartridges.
Actually it  becomes a problem is if the printer does not print when we ask for it, due to this error, but if the printer is printing everything is fine and we can continue with our work.

However next we will show two methods for resetting ink levels in this kind of printer follow the procedures as proposed and if the first does not result you can continue with the next. If you need further assistance please contact us, we will gladly help you.

to setup the printer for not to present the ink levels, is a good choice, we made this happens when we go to Start on our computer then we click on All Programs, then we click on "Canon Utilities"  we open  "My printer"  then we click on "printer status"  we go to Options in this menu, we select "Disable monitoring status" or "Enable Monitoring  status" in this way our printer will no longer submit the ink levels, the only way to identify if the cartridge is running low is when the pages come out a little clearer, by the way to keep the cartridges is recommended to fill them as quickly as possible.

Another way is pressing a number buttons to reset the ink levels, follow the procedure as suggested below.

To begin we turn off the printer, then press the button "Stop / Reset" and then press the button "On" the printer will make a small sound and begin a process.

Hold the button "Power" pressed and release the button "Stop / Reset" Now we press the button "Stop / Reset" twice consecutively and release the button "Power" when the indicator light flashes constantly press the button again "Stop / Reset" three times.

After this procedure the indicator light turns orange, turn the printer off and turn it on again so that the configuration is saved. If you need help please contact us...


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